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Registration for our 2024 Seamer Training University classes is underway and we're excited to welcome students for another year of both Basic and Advanced/Overhaul classes.  Because space in our classes is limited, our sessions do fill up quickly, but keeping them small allows us to maximize the level of student/instructor interaction and hands-on opportunities with the equipment.  If training your team is a priority for this year, click on the Registration link below to reserve your space.  Our certified instructors are excited to kick off another year of doing what they love and sharing their knowledge with you.  We look forward to seeing you in class soon!

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A History of Excellence

Since 1968, Pneumatic Scale Angelus has proudly operated a Seamer Training University to help our customers achieve the best performance and longest life from our equipment. These one-week classes provide hands-on instruction and are taught at our Akron, Ohio facility by PMMI Certified Instructors. Our faculty has more than 100 years of combined experience, working with can seamers. Our goal is to provide the best education possible and develop a long-term rapport with our students that further enhances our working relationship. Each student will be given a certificate of completion at the end of the class. 


Each 5-day session is devoted to a specific model of seamer. Students participate in lectures, examine cut-away component units and receive plenty of reference materials, along with hands-on training. Classroom topics include basic settings, adjustments, general maintenance, and production of Quality Double Seams. Question-and-answer sessions are an important element of each day’s curriculum.


To meet our customers’ demand for more in-depth training, our seamer university is proud to provide Advanced Seamer Training Classes. Each class is devoted to a specific model of machine, and during the comprehensive 5-day session, students will completely disassemble Angelus and Continental Seamers, rebuild them, and re-install all sub-assemblies. Classroom topics include preparation and review of the overhaul, evaluation of used parts, modifications to update machines, and review of equipment audit sheets.

Scheduling and Registration

See the schedule below for upcoming classes. When you're ready to apply, just click the Register Here button at the end of the schedule.


  • Basic Classes: $3,025/person
  • Advanced/Overhaul Classes: $3,388/person

Tuition will be invoiced the month prior to class and payable in advance of arrival.  No class slots will be held without a P.O..

  • Cancellations require three weeks advance written notice to receive refund of class fee; classes may be rescheduled up to 10 days prior to the start of class.  No refunds or cancellations within 10 days prior to class.
  • Payment can also be made by Visa, MasterCard, and AmEx. (3% fee for credit card transactions)

Classroom spaces will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Confirmation and hotel/travel information will be sent to you upon receipt of this completed form. A catered lunch is provided in our facility for the students during the training course. Please note any special dietary needs. Travel, hotel and incidental living expenses are not included. You will be notified as soon as possible if the date you select is unavailable.

Dress Code and Safety

All tools and safety equipment will be provided. However, no cloth shoes, sandals, tank tops or shorts are allowed. Safety is the responsibility of the attendee.

Contact Us

Training dates for various models of our machines are set on an annual basis from January through December. These dates fill up quickly, so please call our Training Coordinator to arrange your training schedule.

If the current class schedule does not meet your company's needs, we will do our best to accommodate you with additional options when possible. Please contact our Training Coordinator to discuss available dates.

For additional information and all inquiries for the Seamer Training University, please contact Cindy Bergoch at Cindy.Bergoch@bwpackagingsystems.com or call at (800) 992-0491.

  • Name Date Available Spots
  • 60L Basic June 24, 2024 0
  • 2000 Basic July 08, 2024 6
  • 140S Basic July 08, 2024 6
  • 120/121L ADV/OH July 15, 2024 3
  • 2000 Adv/Overhaul July 15, 2024 6
  • 120/121L Basic July 22, 2024 4
  • 61/62H Basic July 29, 2024 0
  • 2000 Basic August 05, 2024 6
  • 12V Basic August 05, 2024 3
  • 140S Basic August 12, 2024 2
  • 2000 Adv/Overhaul August 12, 2024 6
  • 120/121L Basic August 19, 2024 0
  • 120/121L Adv/Overhaul August 26, 2024 0
  • 2200 Basic September 09, 2024 5
  • 120/121L Basic September 09, 2024 1
  • 60L Basic September 16, 2024 4
  • 2200 Adv/Overhaul September 16, 2024 6
  • 120/121L Basic September 23, 2024 0
  • 61/62H Basic September 30, 2024 0
  • 2200 Basic October 07, 2024 1
  • 60L Adv/Overhaul October 07, 2024 4
  • 180S Basic October 14, 2024 3
  • 2000 Adv/Overhaul October 14, 2024 6
  • 180S Adv/Overhaul October 21, 2024 5
  • 120/121L Basic October 28, 2024 6
  • 120/121L Basic November 04, 2024 6
  • 120/121L Adv/Overhaul November 11, 2024 6
  • 2000 Adv/Overhaul November 11, 2024 6
  • 180S Basic November 18, 2024 1
  • 2000 Basic December 02, 2024 2
  • 120/121L Basic December 02, 2024 6
  • 120/121L Basic December 09, 2024 6
  • 2000 Adv/Overhaul December 09, 2024 6
  • 12V Basic December 16, 2024 6