The 2000 series machine, due to its design, is simply and easily converted and, as such, many varieties sprang up over the years.  Several years after the introduction of the series, the aerosol version and clincher were designed.


Continental Can Company was one of the largest can manufacturers in the world.  It was also one of the largest can-making equipment manufacturers.  Part of the equipment manufactured was a line of the finest fully automatic can seamers. 

Continental Can Company had been building Can Seamers since 1910 when, in 1984, Kiewit acquired the company in a stock purchase.  Figgie International purchased Closetech from Continental Can Company, which was still owned by Kiewit, in 1986.  Barry-Wehmiller then purchased Figgie Packaging Systems from Figgie International on in 1995.  Part of Figgie Packaging Systems was the line of can seamers known as Closetech.

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